Poster Star cast Adel Emam, Madeeha Kamel, Ahmed Rateb
Director Mohamed Abdul Aziz
Genre Drama
Run Time 104 minutes
Rating PG
Year of production 1981(Colored)


Dr. Sulaiman, a university professor of law, meets a night girl Ebtesam at her house. Her lover, Tawfiq, unexpectedly shows up and has a clash with Sulaiman. Sulaiman kills Tawfiq accidently while defending himself and tries to get rid of the body in a car. But Zaghloul, Tawfiq’s friend witnesses this crime. He demands for a ransom per month to conceal the truth. Detective chief Adel, Sulaiman’s friend, starts the murder investigation which leads him to Zaghloul. When Sulaiman learns this, he kills Zaghloul too, before Adel could reach to him.