Poster Star cast Sameera Ahmed, Mamdoh Abdulaleem, Salah Qabeel
Director Taiseer Abod
Genre Drama
Run Time 109 minutes
Rating PG
Year of production 1986


Zaki is behind the bars based on unjustly judgment; he dies in prison because of his grief and anguish. His wife Naasa who is now a widow is forced to sell newspapers to be able to provide a decent living for her sons Adel and Hasan. Once they are old enough they take their mother’s responsibility and their living starts to improve. Hasan gets involved into a fight with drug dealers and they kill his wife, therefore he seeks to avenge them. At the same time Adel is assigned to search for a criminal without knowing it is his brother. Hassan succeeds to take revenge on the gang, while Adel is chasing his brother, he finally catches him and Hasan gets shot and dies in his brothers arms.