TRANSLATED TITLE IN ENGLISH: “No Approaching or Taking Pictures”

Poster Star cast Mirvat Ameen, Yasser Otka, Fatima Kushary, Eman Alsayed
Director Romany Saad
Genre Comedy, Thriller
Run Time 99 mins
Language of Subtitles English
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Rating PG
Theatrical Release March 20175
Box Office 463940 Egyptian Pounds
Movie Trailer


Thuraya is descended from a famous aristocratic family and owns a full property in Helwan. Helwan police is occupying part of this property. Thuraya decides to take legal action in order to recover the place occupied by the police department in the property owned by her.

A mix of comedy, Fantasy and drama featuring a group of Famous artists, including the star (Mervat Amin) and other young stars.
The screenwriter succeeded in formulating the work with quality and skill, and also the director in assigning the right role to each actor. The movie is worth watching.


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